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About Us

The House System

Our school promotes value education and tries to impart "Learning to live together“. Since this is the era of Globalization, all the students are divided into 4 houses on the basis of 4 main directions.

Houses and uniforms at the time of competitions and on every Saturday for mass P.T. Display are as follows-

  1. East House- Children wear Yellow T-Shirt which signifies that the students should be “Broad minded and equal to all”.
  2. West House- Students wear Red T-Shirt which indicates”Unity is Strength”.
  3. North House- T-Shirt of Green Colour is worn by the member of North House which gives the message for “Revolution for Happiness and Prosperity”.
  4. South House- Students wear Blue T-Shirt which signifies “Patience and Gravity”.

Head Boy and Head Girl wear White Uniform which signify “Simplicity and maintain peace”.
Students should make time for the competitions organized on either Inter Class basis, Inter-House basis or Inter-School basis. Points are given to each House for activities like dramatics Music, Elocution, Debates, Group Discussion, Art and Craft, Essay, Story Writing or General Knowledge quiz Competitions. For I to V much attention is paid on poem reciting, reading and spelling competitions too.
The House with highest number of points wins. In the Annual Function shield and certificate is awarded to that House Captain.

Morning Assembly (Prayer)
Every day first activity of this institution for students is a half an hour prayer for spiritual upliftment. English and Hindi prayers are followed by thought of the day. Two students deliver short speeches on the topics of their own choice which gives some moral lesson .All students are given chance to speak. National Anthem too is sung everyday followed by pledge..
The School Library
S.C.P.I College has a good stock of books with suitable and uptodate books to provide healthy reading. The librarian issues the books to the students for reading during their library period. Students return the same before leaving the library .Student may borrow one book at a time for a period upto one week from the library .In case the book is not returned on time a fine is charged. Student is instructed to make proper use of library-books, instead of scribbling or tearing.
Science Laboratory
The school has well equipped Science laboratories to facilitate experiment work in various fields of Science. Any equipment cannot be taken out without a written permission. Damage during practical classes is borne by the students. We have established a Maths lab. too, to make the subject interesting and easier.
Computer Laboratory
Computer education is compulsory for all students from Std. III to X in our school. A full fledged computer lab has been established with sufficient number of computers sets run by able computer teacher. We have internet connection to enhance the process of learning through multiway communication and interaction.

Co curricular Activities

Games and Sport
Besides the school curriculum games such as football, table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, basketball, badminton, Kho-Kho etc are compulsory for all students. They participate in class wise, housewife competition. The house which wins gets a shield in annual function.
School functions (Cultural Activities)
Great importance is attached to music dance, dramatics; debates group discussion, elocution, painting and SUPW projects. Students can win points for their house by participating in any Inter House competition. At the end of the year a House cup is awarded to the house with highest points.
Medical facilities
Our school keeps a First Aid Box for small injuries during school time Once in a year we organize Free Medical Checkup camp and Hepatitis B Vaccine camp for the students . Doctors team is invited to check eyes, teeth, and blood group.


A high achievement is aimed at the compulsory academic subjects like-
  1. Moral Education/Value Education
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Sanskrit for std. V to VIII
  5. Maths
  6. Science
  7. Social Studies
  8. Computer education together with P.T. Art Craft, Music and Games. Term by term syllabus is provided to the students for Class test, unit test and terminal examination.
  9. CBSE board has introduced COMPREHENSIVE and CONTINIOUS EVALUATION (C.C.E.) system as a new method for evaluating the performance of the students. No leave other than medical leave is normally sanctioned during the terminal/unit test. Promotion to next class may be granted based on the students year's performance .There are two terms (April to September) and (October to march) in which there will be two examinations and 4 formative assessments /unit test for class 1st onwards. It is compulsory to appear for the formative /unit test and written examination because the student is evaluated throughout the year.
The Manager/ Principal reserves the right to waive of any off the rules regarding attendance, promotion and discipline.
CJ Kriffer has truly said” children cannot be made good by making them happy. But they can be made happy by making them good".
About Us

Shrish Chandra Public Inter College has now become a fact and has taken the physical shape of the vision dreamt by Late Babu Shrish Chandra Agrawal who felt a need to provide higher academic, qualitative and constructive education to the children of Hardoi .

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